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NOMAD MONACO 2018 26 – 30 Apr 2018

Etage Projects is delighted to participate in the second edition of NOMAD Monaco at la Villa La Vigie, nestled up on the hill overlooking the Côte d’Azur. From April 26th to 30th, Etage Projects will present exclusive commissioned designs by Sabine Marcelis, FOS, Fredrik Paulsen, Soft Baroque and Jenny Nordberg.

Sabine Marcelis’ new ice-lavender Round SOAP Table features her signature resin with a soapy matte surface as the designer further explores resin. It is the second in the SOAP series developed exclusively for Etage Projects. The table is complemented into a dynamic dinner setting with the Soap Columns as stools, creating a pastel and sculptural mise-en-scéne. The new larger Off Round Hue mirrors in “Blue” and “Sunrise” colours stand as symbols of the blue waters of the Monte Carlo Bay and the sun above it. Yellow and mustard hues are continued on the new SOAP Planter and Candy Columns.

The Mountain Vases by FOS embody the surface of the hills behind the Monte Carlo Bay, calibrated to the size of human interiors. FOS explains, “It’s limited what references an object into a vase, other than a flower: A vase is designed to contain a little piece of nature’s flowers. But then there is scale. If you look at all the brick houses made by bricks, made to fit the human hand, then scale becomes a perspective. That’s what the shape of this vase is about. It’s about taking the surface of the mountain and scaling it down to the size of hands and flowers.”

Pearl Screw Shelf by Soft Baroque is a series constructed using unusual hardware items. Walnut and engineering plastic are cut and arranged graphically and economically, situated between a 2D world and a utilitarian three-dimensional object. The cartoon-like walnut elements are a pastiche of broken timber planks that could be sourced from a clip art gallery, a hyperreal visual material that sneers at our aesthetic expectations and value topologies. Pearl Screw Shelves are the continuation of the Pearl Screw Top series, in which the artist duo challenges the traditional delusion of hiding screws and instead accentuates them with freshwater pearls.

Fredrik Paulsen’s Anodized Aluminium Console turns the spotlight on a brand new and unique technique that combines anodized aluminium with his signature rainbow tie-dye from the Prism series.

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